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Sunday, July 15th 2012

6:39 AM

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Related article: Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 07:49:12 +0100 (BST) From: Abhi Subject: coffee and chocolate Part3 {Nick S} {MM }Coffee and Chocolate. part 3.Hi, this is (as you can see) the third part of my story. When i started writing this tale, I never realized that I could write so much and so honestly. I want to thank all the people who have taken time adri preteen model to respond to the story (though some have dropped in only a line or two) because such appreciation is the true reward. So this is for all those who read this.... PLEASE DO WRITE TO ME...IT IS A PLEASURE WADING THROUGH THE MAIL....As before, this tale is for Will, my most faithful and flattering correspondent and Robin and Ashu, the breath and soul of my life....or should i say...the coffee and chocolate of my dreams?The usual disclaimer follows....and hey, if u are here, you already know what you want and what you don't! But seriously if You shouldn't be reading this stuff, then maybe you really should go. bare preteengirls butts Otherwise, sit back and relax and let the passion take over you. COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE PART 3.Nicky's journal.Dear Diary....yes. I am no longer a virgin...but put down on paper it sounds so dull, so matter of fact, and yet, diary, what has happened in the last one day has been phenomenal. preteens tits nudist My body feels so complete, so full, so fulfilled. If I were to die today, would die happy because I have found true love, two lovely men to share my dreams, aspirations, hopes, fears. I no longer feel alone or lost.When I came home from the farewell party, I was glowing. I could still feel the taste of Robin in my mouth and Ashu on my body. Both the hunks have left a mark on pre teen idea me, in ass preteen girls me that I can never forget. When I woke up today, I was sandwiched between Ashu and Robin, both hugging me tightly, fiercely, possessively.I could feel Robin's head on my chest, heaving with every breath I took, his hands around me. Ashu was fast asleep too, his hand nestled between my legs and his body draping mine, like a shelter from anything unwanted or unpleasant.I slowly caressed Robin's hair with on hand and Ashu's back with the other. Robin woke up...and after looking at me through sleep filled eyes...his morning stubble grazing against my nipple, turning me on. He put his tongue out and started licking my left nipple....oooh it was so beautiful, his sloppy mouth bathing my erect nipple with loads of spit while preteen virgins naked his hand slowly caressing my abs and pecs.His feel on my skin, so sure, so hard and yet so tender, as he explored my body and let our bodies meet each other, greet each other. 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And then he pulled the foreskin of his dick, both the organs njow staring at each other.And then wiht9yut any warning, Robin pushed his dick on to Ashu, their two heads meeting and they let go of their foreskin.....they were bound together , each dick engulfed into other. I could not resist this. I lay down on all my four limbs and massaged Robin's dick while shoving my finger in between Ashu's ass cheeks. I kissed thye two dicks, soldered together with lust and passion and tried to swallow their combined head in my mouth. It was an amazing feeling to kiss and suck two docking dicks together. I slowly shifted the foreskin from one dick to the other, licking at the precium oozing out of the exposed head....This time, I could taste both of them - Ashu and Robin in my mouth. 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Meanwhile my hands were busy weidening his ass cheeks and trying to reach his prostate with my index finger. As soon as my finger reached his bas, the stimulation of the prostrate had Robin cumin in me and there was a sigh of relief as he came in my mouth and rinsed it with his sex seed.Meanwhile Ashuw as still busy sucking at my whole, the warmth of his omoth feeling preteen incest wallpapers me into a blush I have never experienced before. Robin, after his dick went limp, slowly rose, kissed me for a short while and went inmto preteens caught naked the bathroom. Ashu saw hiom goin and got up....."Now I wil have you all for myself Nicky...all formyself"he raised my legs and exposed my now blouse down preteen wet and lubriccared, ass overflowing with hispsit into the air. I realized that making love I sso mucha bout submission, the innermost parts of my ody are at their disposal when I am having sex witht hem. Slowly he adnvance dand raised my legs over his shoulders. 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An eruption tht filled me with his hot liquid, an eruption that blasted off wave after wave ofnhis love seed, speeding nside me. I could feel his dick going a little weak. He pulled out and sat on my chest and now pushed his sticky dick into my mouth. I could feel my taste on his dick, enveloped in lovely semen. I cleaned him, gave him a spit bath, lovingly swallowing all of him. And then I could feel him going weak, limp, soft,,tender, flexible, slowly converting from a monster into a lovely child, helpless and in need of love.He pulled out of my mouth and I pulled him over me. His body covering mine completely. My frame resisting his and he hugged me tight and kissed me again and I came ....not in blasts or in eruptions, but slowly,g gently, inn his loving hands. He m,ilked me dry and then licked dhis hand and kissed me again...deep and hard, his body against mine, deeping breathly.In that one moment I knoew what Ashu wanted. He wanted love, support, kindness, approval and me for his existence and I was ready to give it all to him. My coffee, my lover, was also my baby whom I loved with all my heart.Dear diary, when Robin came into the room, he looked at us and cried with joy as he joined us and said "Don't worry, you will be safe, you are both mine...you will be safe."Time has stood still for me. I have had two men seven times in the span of 18 hours and it seems like an eternity. I know I will always enjoy my coffee and chocolate, and now as I end my conversation with you, I know exactly hardcore preteen sample who I am...I am the cream of their life, and these three are going to stay together for ever....for ever. This is the last story on coffee and Chocolate. Robin, Ashu and I have been now friends for more than 10 months. We still love each other and often have sex. However, we have realized that life is not a bed of roses. I will soon be going away fro higher education. Ashu is heading for USA next month. We will all be in different places. We realize that we might find new people preteen incest wallpapers some day, but one thing is for sure...wherever we go, whomever we find, we will never forget the amazing ten months we have spent with each other Just pray for us that we may be able to stay in touch, and be fiends for ever.And if you really want to know about some of us other fun loving nights....just drop me a line at Eachforhisownyahoo.com and who knows, maybe I will send you the tale...only for personal use. Lemme know...and wait for my other stories.
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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:00 AM

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